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How to apply for prime minister loan scheme 2013


 Step by Step process to Apply for the Loan Scheme 2013.

1) Download the Application Form, Print it and Fill it. Download. or you can get it from Following Banks, There is no cost of application form. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) First Women Bank (FWBL) download-pm-loan-form

2) One personal guarantee required – No other security
Following individuals can provide guarantee for the loan applicants: Government Servant of BPS 15 or above, OR Any other individual having net worth of 1.5 times of the loan amount applied for. Net worth is total assets (Moveable or immoveable) in the name of the individual minus any liabilities such as loans from banks or other individuals. No, Blood Relatives’ guarantee is usually not acceptable to the Banks.

3) You are required for 10% of the loan amount as Borrowers Capital

4) If you are a bank defaulter, you are ineligible. You cannot apply for loan

5) Following documents are required along with loan application form.
a) 1 Recent Passport size photograph of the applicant
b) Photocopy of Applicants CNIC
c) Photocopy of Guarantor’s CNIC
d) Basic Borrowers Fact Sheet (Part A of form) e) Guarantor’s Information (Part B of form) f) Copy of SMEDA Pre-feasibility Study or Applicant’s own prepared Business Plan / Feasibility / Project Proposal

After Fulfilling All Above Requirements.

Submit Loan applications can be submitted in all branches of following banks National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) First Women Bank (FWBL)
Rs 100 has to be paid as processing charges to participating Banks at the time of form submission 15 days are required by participating banks to process the loan.
The bank will inform you about through letter / telephone call / SMS/email.TheSMS will come from PMYouthProg or 80028 PMO websitewww.pmo.gov.pk).
Confirmation from any other number / source should not be relied upon. Loan Amount is up to Rs. 20 Lack (Rs.100000/= – Rs. 20,00000/=)
Maximum Loan under this scheme is Rs. 20 Lack. Total No. of loans to be given are 100,000 for Year 2013-14

After you Get Lone Start Working on your Business.

  • First Loan installment will be due after one year of loan disbursement
  • Sometimes businesses have problems. All loan beneficiaries are advised to give their best to make their business successful. It is also advisable to keep your banker informed of any problems, which may affect your ability to repay loan and seek technical guidance. SMEDA and the banks have been directed to put in place system of periodic guidance to the entrepreneurs in running their businesses successfully.
  • Mark-up Rate is 8% p.a.
  • The maximum tenor of the loan is 8 years, including 1 year’s grace period. The tenor will depend upon the nature of business, pattern of income and repayment capacity.

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    bulshit of the day ..ididot’s

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    مين ذاتی طور پر نواز شريف کو بطور وزير اعظم نہ صرف پسند کرتا ھون بلکہ اميد کرتا ھون
    کہ وہ ملک کو موجودہ بحرانون سےبخوبی نکال ليينگےــ البتہ جہان تک يوتھ لون کا تہلق ھے
    تو اپ نے يوتھ جو کہ کل کے پٓاکستان کےوارث ھييں ‘پر اعتماد نہ کر کے ان کو مزيد مايوسيون
    کےاندھيروں مين دھکييل ديا ھےـ کيا کريڈٹ کارڈز ايس ايم إييز يا ديگرقرضے اعتماد پر ديے جاتے

    يا شخصی ضمانتوں پر؟ کيا ان بيروزگارن کی کوی گارنٹی ديگا؟؟

  • Mohammad Zaman Khan

    20 caror awam me se 5 caror log agar ye form
    bharte hen to submit k time har ik ne RS .100 sath dene he is tarha 5 caror
    logo se Rs.100 k hisab se govt ko 5 arab rupees awam se hil mil jate hen govt
    ko 5 arab lene k lye sirf scheme lounch karni he or awam ko loan lene k lye
    kitni zehni aziyat se guzarna hoga or phir sod ki shakal me Allah k satha jang
    bhi karni hogi ye scheme sara sar govt k apne faiday k lye hi he khuda k lye
    hum musalmano ko ab to sochna chahye k hum kia kar rahe hen . Allah k sath Jung
    karni he ya dunyavi faida lena he jo mile ga bhi k nahi ye bhi nahi pata

    • munasir ullah

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  • munasir ullah

    be ready for the punshiment of allah ap logo nay allah say elan jang shoro kar gaya sood ki name per ap log ya form shoro kar rahay ho…………..be ready jo jo ya loan ki lay apply kasta ha wo be ready ho jaya…..baycot